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Drawing for the Womb Woman
Drawing for the Womb Woman

The Womb Woman
The Womb Woman represents not only Eve, the origin of our desires, but also the sexual desire. Like the Intestine Woman, she turns herself inside out. Her body looks like a womb, and her face is filled with small wombs. To commemorate the softness of my mother’s womb, I am going to make the Womb Woman out of cushions like the Squid Woman and the Intestine Woman.
I am not going to make the Penis Man even though a man’s penis can be a strong symbol of sexual desire. I’ve never been a man, and I am not able to be a man. Therefore, I don’t fully understand the desires of man. Also, because I haven’t had any chance to be a dog, cow, or ant, I will not make anything that is related to other living species except humans. People think that all living things have gluttony, but it may not be true. It is possible that some animals and plants eat and drink because they just coincidently encounter their food in front of their mouths. I am human. I think I know the desires of human beings well besides the male sexual desire.
Human beings have been very proud of the size of their brain. However, according to a newspaper article that I read on the subway one day, the conscious reason occupies less than 5 percent of the brain. That means that the rest 95 percent of the brain is under the reign of natural impulse that is ruled by desires.
I will make the head of the womb woman function as a fish bowl to show the guests of the party the discouraging fact. I will put a tiny gold fish inside her head. Looking at a tiny fish in her head, people will witness our tiny reason, which is swimming and breathing in our vast desires. Our tiny swimming reason cannot live without desires.
I considered making the heads of other figures fish bowls as well, but I abandoned this idea because of there would be too many details on their heads.