Figures > The Intestine Woman

The Intestine Woman is a figure that is sitting on one of the chairs which looks similar to those in the era of Louis XV on which the aristocratic people were seated when they played card games. (Look at the pictures of The Chair for the Intestine Woman.)
A human digestive organ is hanging from her face, and a huge stomach is her body. She is starving. She is always thinking about eating a large amount of delicious food. Smoking a cigarette, which is a part of the intestine on her face, she is anxiously waiting for the bread that is my flesh, the flesh of the Squid Woman.
The Intestine Woman is gluttony itself. Her skin is inside, and her desire (gluttony) is outside. She hides nothing at all, because her skin is beneath her desire. Her skin is no more useful, so there is no boundary between the world and her. Therefore she is able to be easily absorbed into the energy of the world.
The Intestine Woman shows us the way to flee from the prison of skin. We must turn ourselves inside out.