2007 > Le Massacre de Jesus Egoiste II - The MFA Graduation Show

Le Massacre de Jesus Egoiste II - The MFA Graduation Show4**
Le Massacre de Jesus Egoiste II - The MFA Graduation Show4**
May 04, 2007

I am selfish Jesus. I have figured out the utmost essence of the world and revealed to people what I’ve found. I am a medium between God and people. I will not die. Although my body will die someday in some ways, my soul will keep resurrecting in people’s minds forever.
As the Selfish Jesus, I have realized that the unbreakable and fundamental energy, which established and maintains the world, is our selfish desires. Unfortunately, people hardly ever attain this knowledge because of what I call, “the skin,” which wraps and hides the desire. For those blinded by “the skin,” I do a barbarous orgy whose name is “The Massacre of The Scissors Woman.”
Everybody has a desire to kill someone. This most serious taboo lives at the deepest mind, wrapped by the thickest “skin.” Even I, the merciful Selfish Jesus have the desire, too. Since I left Korea, I’ve sometimes become a stupid and greedy Asian woman who is easy to sex with. I’ve been encountered several times with some perverts who are very fascinated with Asian pornographies and very honest about their feelings call me “China Whore.” I really want to behead them. No. I want to behead myself first to show them I am too angry and dangerous to go out with.
One day, I imagined the world without any (I mean, the physical) heads. Certainly the world will be very peaceful. If there is no head – also if everybody wears long sleeve T-shirts, boot-cut jeans, shoes and gloves, people will hardly distinguish each other’s race. Even knowing who is who will be impossibly difficult. If nobody has head, the words whose meaning consist of conflict will evaporate from the earth to outer space.
The desire to get rid of someone lives at the deepest mind. The thickest “skin” is wrapping this most serious taboo. However, I want to peel “the skin” off in the name of the Selfish Jesus who sacrifices always to liberate all desires from “the skin”…
I, the Selfish Jesus once become “the Scissors Woman,” who is holding a pair of giant scissors. I cut everything that comes between the blades. To enter the orgy of “the Scissors Woman,” people draw the faces of human beings who they bitterly hate. “The Waitress,” the priestess of the Selfish Jesus attaches the cursed faces on each headless doll scattered around her, and brings the dolls to the scissors. I ruthlessly cut the heads off. The heads fall into the pond of blood. Dangling arteries, I soak the blood to behead more and more heads. Opening their thickest “skin,” all human beings in the ceremony fall into extremely delightful feeling.
I wish I could squeeze myself into the cracks of everyone’s “skins.” Settling down there, I will boom boom boom beat “the skins” to stimulate their desires. They shall call the Selfish Jesus again to liberate their desires. I hope that my orgy can help them to be freed from the prison of “the skin” that is the curse of God toward our desires, which have existed since our mother Eve took a bite of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.