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In the middle of the pond, there is a table whose size is 33" * 72" * 42" (H * W * D). It is a simple rectangular table, which has four 4 by 4 square legs in the edges. Around the table there are four chairs. The chairs look complicated compared to the table. They resemble those from the era of Louis XV, on which noble people were seated when they played card game.
The set of furniture has to be transparent, because it is not alive. Nonliving things don't have desires. They don't even know the definition of ambition. Actually, it is impossible that they are knowledgeable, because knowldege is also from the desire of learning. No desire exists within them, so they don't nee "the skin," which is only necessary for someone who has something to hide. Nonliving things including the set of furniture have nothing to hide. That is why the set of furniture will be transparent.
On the table, there are a few toasters (I am looking for transparent toasters), and several wine glasses. Many pieces of bread are among those toasters and glass. The bread doesn't have to be transparent, because it is used to represent the flesh of Jesus and me