Electricity Fueled by the Extinction of Descendants
Electricity Fueled by the Extinction of Descendants
Pen on Paper
42 X 30cm

Electricity fueled by the Extiction of the Descendants

In Onkalo, Finland, a god is securely hidden inside a cave in the deepest of mountains. With the end of the 21st century when thousands of copper containers are placed inside the cave, the entire storage will be sealed. The god placed securely inside the copper containers is the god of destruction in the name of nuclear waste. If there is a descendent who dares to open up the containers, then the world will come to an end. ‘My descendant! Please don’t open the seal.’ – whether to demand this or to leave it a secret forever to the descendants remains one of the most controversial issues at the moment.
Do not dare to awaken the god from his slumbers who is asleep inside the copper containers as if they are incubators or even a manger for horses. In front of the cave full of containers, we are reiterating the secret words of the story from Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, although this time, it is in reverse. “Don’t open. Don’t open. Don’t leave any footprints on top as if you are Neil Armstrong leaving footsteps on the Moon.” With the death of my descendants, the life span of civilization is shortened. Ahh, now is the time to turn off the lamp. This is the moment to turn off the electric light brightened by the death of descendants.