2007 > "Sk/in & Out"

I am selfish Jesus. I have figured out the utmost essence of the world and revealed to people what I've found. I am a medium between God and people. Reading several stories like the Garden of the Eden, the Wine-Lake and Meat Forest of the Yin Dynasty, the Great Whore of the Apocalypse, and Holy Communion. I have realized that the unbreakable and fundamental energy, which established and maintains the world, is our selfish desires. Unfortunately, people hardly ever attain this knowledge because of what I call, "the skin" which wraps and hides the desire. For those blinded by "the skin", I am preparing a barbarous orgy whose name will be "Sk/in & Out," where they can fulfill every desire even if that is sexual or violent, so they don't need their "skins" anymore. The world without "the skin" includes a pond of raining red wine, grotesque, but humorous surrealistic creatures which represent our desires, waitresses who give a glass of wine and bread to viewers, and me as the Squid Woman who can grasp what she wants faster than humans because she has ten legs and innumerable suction cups. I will show the people the energy of desire, and the world without "the skin." Becoming Jesus, I will feed my guests with my flesh and blood. I hope that my orgy can help us to be freed from the prison of "the skin" that is the curse of God toward our desires, which have existed since our mother Eve took a bite of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.