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The Pond of Red Wine

The pond that I will make is the combination of the ideas and images in the Garden of Eden, the Wine-Lake and the Meat Forest, the Many Waters where the great whore is seated on, and Holy Communion.
The dream size of the pond is 211.650" * 190.4" * 12". I think that is the right size for my orgy where more than 20 people should come inside.
I will make the pond out of transparent Plexiglas sheets. The sheets must be thick enough to overcome the pressure of the huge amount of red wine. I will ask professional workers in a plastic factory to fabricate this pond to prevent any leaking problems.
The pond must be transparent, because the space doesn't have "the skin." Space has no desire, but people full of their own desires to attain their own territories have struggled to establish the skins of space by dividing it and developing it. The skin that people gave to space is just mere illusion. Space itself doesn't need "the skin" The illusion is the reason why I chose to work with the transparent Plexiglas. Its transparency can help the viewers imagine that there is "nothing." I know the transparent material is not "the nothing" at all. However, I believe it to be the best material for this installation.
I am going to fill the pond with red wine. For the rainy effect, I will put six 1920 GPH pumps inside the pond and connect those to six huge shower heads (6" dia.) which will be hanging from the ceiling. I will also set 750 GPH pumps that is connected to the OASE 1/2" Blossom Fountain Heads between those six pumps to ornate the pond. I am thinking about adding a giant fog machine, too. That will give the pond a mysterious atmosphere

The Floor Plan
211.65" * 190.4" * 12"
March 07, 2006
The Floor Plan*
March 07, 2006