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The Wine-Lake and the Meat-Forest
The Wine-Lake and the Meat-Forest

Hieronymus Bosch
The Garden of Early Delights: The Alchemical Marriage
(Detail of the Central Panel)
Prado, Madrid

2. The Wine-Lake and the Meat-Forest
Zhou, the last king of the Yin Dynasty (1300 BC -1046 BC) in China was a very talented man whose body was strong enough to kill wild beasts with his naked fists and whose tongue was really good at persuading people. He was a potential sage king, but he concentrated his superb talents on his pleasure. As if to prove that he was also one of the descendants of Eve, the mother of all desires, he wanted to be God. He called himself 'the King of the Sky.'
The King of the Sky thought that he must have the biggest and the most magnificent palace in the world. Sucking the life's blood of the poor, he achieved a Jade palace that was higher than the clouds. He also made a huge garden for his everyday parties. He ordered his people to dig up a lake and fill the lake with the highest quality of wine. He also hung uncountable pieces of meat on the trees of his garden. In his every day and night parties, men and women made love whenever they wanted listening to salacious music, drinking wine of the lake and eating meat of the forest. His garden still appears in north eastern Asia a lot as a quotation when people depict authorities' decadent entertainments. People call his garden the Wine-Lake and the Meat-Forest.
The king Zhou had a mistress, Dal-gi who successfully kept encouraging her husband to be more perverted. She had a really interesting vulgar hobby of watching the killing and torturing of people. She liked to see the poor people screaming, weeping, and begging for her mercy. Her favorite reality shows were people walking on a heated copper column and people sitting in boiling water. She laughed with happiness, watching the distorted body of truly loyal subjects who she hated a lot.
The garden of Zhou, the Wine-Lake and the Meat Forest is Heaven. Love and Death coexist in the garden. Every desire can be fulfilled here. The desire of love, revenge, and gluttony encounter and join together. Here in the Wine-Lake and the Meat-Forest, I can eat whatever I want, love whoever I want to love, kill whenever I encounter a person whom I hate. I eagerly desire to go to a place like Zhou made. I believe everybody wants it. By all means, I will make my own Wine-Lake and the Meat-Forest and invite people who I love.