The Mermaid Gives Me Inspiration
The Mermaid Gives Me Inspiration
Acrylic, Watercolor, Color Pencil on Paper
42 X 54cm

The Mermaid Gives Me Inspiration

Place of habitat: human brain
-The torso has a look of a human with many arms. The bottom looks like a fish with a sparkling fin.
- The more I thinks, the more arms it has.
- Some arms are holding a dish antenna that looks similar to a radio wave telescope. For a more effective and clear reception of electronic signals from neuron cells that are draped like clouds in the brain, some arms are stretched high up. Of them, the two that emerge from the like feelers are holding the biggest antenna. The two arms are intertwined like the two snakes on the rod of Asclepius, and that is to enable them to stand upright much longer by supporting each other’s weight.
- The signals that the antenna receives are simple sensations like the visual, audio, olfactory, aesthetic, and tactile ones that a person can feel momentarily. The remaining arms put all the signals together, and organize them in writing. The sheets of paper filled with writing are torn off. The fish that live in the brain organize the hodgepodge sentences, compile it into a book, and then put it in the undersea library of the brain.

* The fish that live in the brain have only skeletons left from all the electric shocks.
* The more fish a person has, the more sensitive the person is.

- The pupil of the mermaid who gives inspiration is not in the white of the eye. The white of the eye is not round. It is crooked like a ferry. On the dock of the white-of-the-eye-ferry, there is an eye that looks like stainless steel marble. In order to detect much more swiftly the movements of the neurons that are emitting electronic signals like the flashes of lightning, the eye ceaselessly rolls around on the white of the eye.
The eyelid is draped over the white of the eye like palm leaves, thereby preventing eye injury from exposure to bright light.